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Definition of Website

In Simple Terms, a website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web page that share a single domain name. A website can be created and maintained by an individual, a group or an organization. 

If you are serious about your business then you need website. The following are the reason why you need one.

  •  It’s like a Visiting Card or Brochure for your company in online space.
  • Every Business Needs a Customer, you know 2.2 billion people search internet everyday. Websites are great medium for selling your product.
  • Stand out from the crowd, be updated or you will be lost. Websites increase business value.
  • Your business exposure will get expanded, from local to national.
  • You can do sales 24/7 for years, without human interaction. You customer can view your website even at midnight. So, there is no Close down.
  • Your website speaks for you like offers, products details, promotions, events etc.,
  • It gives you credibility.
  • You can make money through your website by adsense.
  • You’ll show up in Google Search Results. 90 % of online users use google for web search.

You have to make a Intellectual Decision while choosing web design company in chennai.

Types of Website Designing

Websites are designed based on their need, want and purpose. Static , Fluid and responsive are the types of websites, where all category dropped with in these types.

Static Web Designing

Static Web designs are going extinct in reason times. 

Lets see what static web pages ?

The Collection of web pages whose content is fixed. It does not form a user friendly concept. The usage is common for every body, admin and user get the same user experience. These pages are coded in HTML and display same content to every body.

Static website designing do not require any web programming or database design. Static design are easy to create and commonly used in simple websites. These kind of sites are cheaper than dynamic one.

Front End Language used to create static sites are

  • HTML / HTML 5.
  • CSS / CSS 3.
  • Javascript.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Jquery.

Static Websites are not similar to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon. There content are always fixed. Let me show you with an example.

Fluid / Liquid Web Design

With Fluid website layout you can change the size in Percentage than pixels. For example, when the device is changed the proportion of elements in the layout will change based on the screen display. 

fluid design

The above creative will show you how the layout is shrink based on the screen display.
There are advantage and disadvantage for this type of layouts. The Content and other elements decreases their size to minimal. But the proportionate of elements is decreased as well. So, we don’t get better user experience when we visually see the website. We have to be very wise when we choose web design company in chennai.

Responsive Website Development

Responsive layouts are the all time best concept for website development. We are living in the digital era where most of the people spend time online. Because of this reason, the choosing option of customers are changing day by day. Google expect user friendly design which will help the users to take decision prominently during purchase decisions.

Whats so important in Responsive website ?

As a leading web design company in chennai, we encourage every customer to choose responsive layouts. Based on the screen size layout and elements change themselves to give better performance and user experience.

UX/UI Website Designing

Are you thinking about the future of website designing ?
If You’re worried about your existing design, UX/UI Concept is for you.

In simple terms user experience is nothing but Deeply Focusing about your user. What is their need, how much they value on given object and their ability, limitation to use the object. 

Implementing UX is a great practices for your business growth. It also helps you to improve the quality of User Interaction and perception of your website. Bergmount is the one of best UX Web Design Company in Chennai. Our Designers have lucrative knowledge on this creative concept.

user experience website designing


We cannot create products without need or demand. The same way UX Works. Designs which create usefulness for the user can levitate your business development. Implementing useful content on website is very important.


For Example designing a complex layout for business website, does not sounds great right. We have to create a decent layout for business depending upon the user age, professional, gender and life style. 


Desirability plays a vital role during brand creation process. For instance, take Apple brand as an example. All over the world people have a huge desire to own Apple brands. It may be Iphone, Macbook, Ipod or Ipad. People always wanted to own Apple brands. The same way, when a user visit your website they must be overwhelmed visually. This overwhelming design will create the desire to own your product. Always stand out from the crowd by choosing best web design company in chennai.


Visible Information or content will increase your conversion ratio. Information in right place is the key factor which influence user experience. Make the navigation user friendly and fast. Placing important content Before the Off Hold is most important factor for SEO.


Always try to do Ethical things for your business. Treat Everyone equally, bring your information to lime light. Hiding it for some people and opening for few will not make your Website great. Give Equal preference for everyone.


World runs based on trust and credibility. Building trust is the very crucial in business. Your website is the first step in sales conversion process. Use SSL Certificate, Check your Content (Plagiarism), Insert Your own business image or video. Never copy from other website.


When ever Bergmount web design company in chennai creates a website, we give top priority to Price and Valuable Comparison. No website can match our design and cost. Thats the value we give to our customers. In your case you have to decide, what type of valuable things you will provide to your users.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile Technology is the future…. Why ?
Based on the User’s percentage Mobile will takeover laptop and desktop in few years. 

All over the world the Percentage of mobile user’s are increasing drastically. In 2018 its 50% and now its 52 %. But In India, the growth rate is astonishing. It’s 76%, which is 24% higher than the global standard. Note: Google had introduced a special index for Indian Mobile Users for better user experience.

You can check the Mobile Friendly Test here

Website Designing with Purpose

Before Starting a website design, we have to brainstorm and gather ideas to find out its purpose. Web Designers in Chennai, normally categorize sites based on Businesses. If its a normal Consulting business, you can finish your website with five pages. (Note : If you need more pages, we welcome you to add unlimited pages with your lucrative content and stand out from the crowd.)

Some Start up will look for E-Commerce design. If you are looking for one, we encourage you to add payment gateway for your site. Don’t worry. Payment gateway can be added to your site with minimal document requirement.

Worried about in which category your website fit in to. Don’t worry. The below content will help you to take wise decision.

Consulting Websites (5 Page Basic Concept )

A Recent Survey report, Out of 100 websites 65 sites are Basic Five page design concept. On the most consulting websites take a leap here. Developing a 5 page website is easy and cost effective. You need not spend lacs and lacs of rupees to own one. If you are a start up and small business you can choose this simple concept. Bergmount web design company in chennai provides you just for Rs 5999/-


  • If you have a logo that’s great or we provide you one.
  • Homepage with Slider, Image Gallery, Youtube Embed for Videos, Icon List, user testimonial Etc.,
  • About us – You can give a brief explanation about yourself or business.
  • Services – This is the most important page, you mention about your services or product details.
  • Gallery Page – You can upload photos of your office or manufacturing details.
  • Contact Us Page – Complete Address Details, Lucrative Contact Form, Google My Business Integration, Google Map Embed.

Parallax One Page site:

Parallax is an innovative designing concept evolved last decade. If you need a template format its the most cheapest concept. Our Web Design Company in Chennai Will develop the entire parallax one page concept for Rs 1499/- . Comparably Parallax designs provides a Better User Experience, because they need not search for information by clicking other pages.

Instead they get there information in one landing page. From our point of view, we believe parallax concept definitely will take over the web design industry.

Specification for Parallax

  • Parallax are one page site, which is scrolling type. 
  • Whenever you click a menu it will scroll the page to respective container. If you click services menu it scroll down to services container instead of moving to another page.
  • Container Elements are Responsive and user friendly.
  • Can Achieve Pingdom Score above 90 (A) Grade, if developed by experts.

Blogging Type

If you are serious about Online Platforms, blogging type design are always great. We can categorize blogging type in to two.

  1. Professional Blogging.
  2. Business Blogging

In simple term, professional bloggers all over the world use this type of design. Where these blogs are performance oriented like page speed, minification, CSS Inline. These professional blogger writes hundreds or thousands of pages to bring visitors. Their target audience are big, for example some of the blogging sites are Shoutmeloud, Neilpatel.com.

Business Blogging is evolving in recent years. Take for an instance, i’m running a Rubber Manufacturing Business. Apart from adding About us, services, gallery and Price table you must have blogging category. You write based on your niche and your target audience is targeted.

In the Below Example you can find a five page normal website with Blogging concept.

blogging web design chennai

Classified or Advertising Portal

I Personally know few business who makes money through online. Even my friends are running these kind of businesses. Being a web design company in chennai, we have developed number of classified and advertising websites for our customers. Few businesses sustained and few died. Failed concept happened because of lack of consistent effort. But we have to talk about people who won.

If you need classified design, you must concentrate on Advertising factor too. No Company is going to register their business for Premium subscription. In most of the cases they list only for free. If they find it useful, the chances of premium customers is possible. Finding a Advertising Agency  is tough but you must find a ethical person for your business. Without being in first page of google, its useless to start a classified or advertising websites.

You can use a clone concept or you can start the design from scratch. Our Designing experts will guide you in every possible ways. Some of the Business listing and advertising sites are Justdial, Sulekha, Olx, Quikr. Feel free to contact the best web design company in chennai

Forum Based Design

If you are looking to build a community, then forum based portal is always great. Before choosing this type of portal you have know why forum based concept is important. First and foremost reason is

Question and Answer Development:

In Recent years, Question & Answers Websites developing lucratively. We all know about Yahoo Answers, Askme, Quora. In recent years, user where looking for exclusive domains. These top sites cover all topics, and they miss a key ingredient “Niche”. We can visually see a huge opportunity in Question and Answer websites.

Choose a particular Niche, and develop a website for your business model. Be Interactive with your customers and Do Knowledge transfer for your user. 

Some of the Niche Question & Answer website are Furniture, Medicine, Bike, Cars, Astrology etc.,

E-Commerce Web Portal:

We cannot hide a truth, e-commerce are the revolutionizing concept which evolved after Amazon. For the past Two Decades e-commerce portal are standing out from the crowd for shopping sector. This sector owns a billion dollar market capitalization with his hands. After online evolution and increase in internet users, E-commerce website in India is getting the stand than other sectors. Bergmount Web design company in chennai will guide in every process from creation to lead acceleration.

Our Designers implement user centric creation when developing a E-commerce portal. Because E-Commerce portals traffic vary from 100 visitors to million visitors. A Proper Development is very important. Our Portal should hold the Buying Power of the customers. Even a single mistake will decrease the dwell time of the portal.

If you are serious about E-Commerce portals consider to register your business, Apply for GST and Create a Current Account in the Name of your business. Because Payment Gateways in India made these checklist as a mandatory to solve Fraudsters. We provide you a free payment gateways during portal creation process.

Some of the Major E-Commerce Portals available in the Market are for Cloths, Shoes, Furniture, Medicine, Online tyre store, Pets etc.,

Audio and Video Sharing Websites:

Only passionate people in entertainment industry will try to create a portal for their business. In most cases these professionals use Social Media to form a community for them. Some of the Big Audion sharing websites are Soundcloud, netflix etc., If you are in need of one, just ping us. We will help you to create one.

File Sharing or PPT Sharing:

If your in online research for quite some time, you would have come across portals like Slideshare. These portals will help their users to upload number of files like PPT, PDF, Word Document and so on. In most of the cases, students and Industry Professionals take a huge knowledge transfer. These Portals need huge storage space. Our Web Design Company in chennai will provide you Server space at reasonable cost.

File sharing concept can be implemented in every online business. For Example, you run a manufacturing business and you have plan to maintain a file sharing concept for your online portal. 100 % its possible we will integrate a lite weight File Sharing Plugin for your manufacturing business.

Every Ideas is possible, you have take a wise decision about your need and want.

Social Media Portals:

Thinking of becoming Mark Zuckerberg, Don’t waste time. There is One Facebook, One LInkedIN and One Twitter. You cannot compete these people. Because they went inside the blood of every social media users. You can Create a new concept in your niche. Think about creating alternatives and focus lucratively on that concept.

If any one say that you can compete the above social media platforms. They are manipulating you. Instead sit and try to find out a unique alternative for those concepts.

Website Designing with Purpose

Every Design is created with the help of certain platforms. Some of the majorly used platforms are WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, PHP, JAVA, C++, HTML, Shopify etc., These platforms will help you to create a Unique and innovative creation. On the Whole, WordPress always take the lead. 50 % + online websites are created in this platform.

Lets talk about these Platforms Individually


If you need a decent and User Friendly design, wordpress is the Top notch option for every freelancer and consultant. Just think about few decades back. Creating a web portal is very tough. You must seek a help from the top coders in the market. But now it’s very easy and quick. You can create one in 30 mins. These thing happened because of creation platforms.

In WordPress, you can create a website without a coding knowledge. Yes, you can create with zero coding knowledge. At the same time, its user friendly too.

Totally 7500 words

Web Design Company in Chennai


Why You Need an Website ? 200 words

Types of Website ? 100 words

Static Website 100 words

– Old Website Model

Fluid/Liquid Website 100 words

Responsive Website 500 words

– User Experience

– Google Mobile Friendly

– Interactive Concept

Website for Purpose ( For Various Business models ) 100 words

– Consulting Website ( Most Popular 5 Page Design )

– Parallax Website – 100 words

– 5 Page Websites – 100 words

– Blogging Websites – 200 words

– Classified or Advertisement Websites 200 words

– Forum – 200 words

– E-Commerce Website – 200 words

News/Magazine – 200 words

– Question & Answer Websites (Yahoo, Quora) – 200 words

– PPT & PDF Sharing Websites – 200 words

– Audio Sharing Websites – 200 words

– Video Sharing Websites – 200 words

– Image Sharing Websites – 200 words

Job Portals – 200 words

– Social Media Websites – 200 words

Platforms where you can make website designing

– WordPress – 100 words

– joomla – 100 words

– php – 100 words

– html – 100 words

– shopify – 100 words

– presta shop – 100 words

So on and so forth

What is Themes ?

– Whole Website Theme from scratch – 100 words

– WordPress themes – 100 words

– joomla themes – 100 words

– shopify themes – 100 words

Why themes are good for small business

– Designed by Best Coders in the world – 100 words

Cost Effective – 100 words

– Built with Google Guidelines – 100 words

– SEO Friendly – 100 words

– UX/UI Designs – 100 words

What is Website Builder :

– Elementor – 100 words

– Visual Composer – 100 words

– Divi Builder – 100 words

– beaver builder – 100 words

– dutenberg – 100 words

Why Website Builder is Great than Web development from scratch?

– No Coding Necessary – 100 words

– Build by International Experts – 100 words

– Very Fast – 100 words

– Quick Alteration is possible – 100 words

What’s google expectation ?

– Fast Loading Websites – 100 words

– Mobile First Indexing – 100 words

– Seo Friendly – 100 words

AMP – 100 words

– Optimize for Voice Search – 100 words

– Website Performance is Important for Ad Campaign – 100 words

Let’s Get into Technical –

– Why not to create a free website ( Web 2.0 ) 100 words

– What is Web Hosting ? 100 words

– Cpanel – 100 words

– Search Console & google Analytic- 100 words

Google :

– Google Site

– Google Maps Updating features – 100 words

– Rating & Reviews – 100 words

– Rating based on different keywords mentioned in your websites – 100 words

– Add Unlimited Photos – 100 words 

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